Bag tag

Marking and unfilled paper and plastic bag

When the product is powdered, granules or blocks, the bag, large packaging or pouch is usually used as primary packaging. These can be made of paper and plastic. However, in addition to the filling process itself, the clear traceable labeling of the bag product is a necessary and very important issue.

Bag tag with blue HR side, with a shelf life and batch number


Application field

    Branch and production

    The bag tag must be fast and reliable, and it does not affect the print quality of the label. This is because the bag marks of bulk materials usually occur under harsh and harsh environmental conditions. High dust pollution, temperature fluctuations or vibration is normal instead of exception. Although environmental conditions are poor, high contrast and clear-read print results can be easily achieved here. In many industries, regulations, customers or retail chains, there are even high-resolution prints, such as one-dimensional and QR code.

    Bulk materials include the following branches and products:

    • Building materials industry:Sand, gravel, lime, cement, gypsum, concrete mixture, gravel, gravel, powder coating, ceramic powder, particles
    • Food Industry:Flour, cereals, sugar, salt, starch, coffee, food additive, seed, rice, baking raw material, food powder, tea, spices, malt
    • Paper industry: starch
    • chemical industry:Pigments, fillers, granules, fertilizers, chemicals, starch, sulfur, sodium, calcium, talc, powder, plastic powder
    • Feed industry:Granular feed, mineral feed, pet food

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