LT-U High resolution UV printer

LT-U High resolution UV printer

High resolution UV probling machines can complete high-definition printing on any plane, regardless of characters, two-dimensional code, black and white patterns, and pure color patterns, can easily complete online printing.

Product Details

    • High quality printing online
    • It is like printing a general print quality
    • Beautiful color, free print
    • Ink solid, resistant to all kinds of solvent wipe
    • Simple operation, easy to print as easy to use the computer
    • The print speed is up to 200m/minute

Product and application

  • Prevent forgery and traceability
  • High quality print on any flat product surface
  • Pursuing the application of aesthetics of surface
  • Pursue fast printing needs
  • Resolution high energy reaches 1200DPI
  • Quick online color printing
  • Barrier photoelectric sensor
  • Standard bracket
  • Standard encoder
  • Standard adjustment ink

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