High resolution UV printer

Small characters, big effects

Flexible small character printer

High resolution inkjet printers with HP printing technology uses hot inkjet techniques trustworthy by millions of office printers. Rugged stainless steel housing, intuitive operation and careful concept of printhead design, making this encoding and tag system for unlimited industrial strength applications. The system is particularly proved in pharmaceutical, food, wood, paper, and packaging industries.

A new generation of blue GK 2.0 high-resolution piezoelectric printers is suitable for extensive applications, ideal for multi-well and absorbent materials (such as cardboard or wood) marking, print heights up to 100 mm.

Small characters, big effects

Flexible small character printer

CIJ Continuous inkjet printer

    • Character printing on any product surface
    • Defective mark
    • QR code printing

LION-W White ink printer

    • Character print on any product surface
    • Bad product mark
    • QR code printing

Lion-M micrword printer

    • The print head is far from the product
    • Spray speed
    • Installation is simple and flexible
    • Ink instant
    • 40UM spray hole

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