Respirator mask

Anti-drug mask is an important part of personal protective equipment, almost almost in each industry to protect employees, customers and patients from harm of fine particles. The surgical mask, FFP2 gas mask, and FFP3 gas masks in the surgical mask, FFP2 gas masks have changed.

Today, no matter where people work, handling goods and operating machines, they need to use a protective mask. In some cases, there are some false statements, misleading tags, or unauthenticated products for sale as protection equipment. Therefore, the mark is a decisive factor in ensuring the desired protection and safety.


Application field

    • CE logo of gas mask
    • Surgical mask
    • FFP2 gas mask
    • FFP3 gas mask
    • Vehicle mask symbol of EN 149: 2001 and A1: 2009
    • Protective mask to meet health needs

    Give you the benefits

    Swong HR inkjet printer

    • Fully maintenance-free printing technology
    • Flexible printing of CE tags and custom text - Quick change print text
    • Print customer logo - only load bitmap
    • Food-grade ink, approved, use, prohibit inhalation of harmful substances
    • Both the nonwoven fabric, textile and non-absorbent surfaces have excellent printing effects - provide better readability and printing quality for your customers.
    • Can be independent of the production batch fast replacement of different print layouts - can even produce small production capacity and tagging
    • Modern interface - easy integration into your production environment
    • Operation through the Slam Titan platform - all REA coding and tag system unified operation concept

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