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Online print color logo

The uniqueness and customization of products have become the foundation that the company stands out in the market, and the LT-C color online printing makes everything possible. Scheduled directly on the production line, allowing your product surface to complete color printing, can support any color printing of any colorful content, 300-1200DPI shapes ultra high print quality. Let your product, colorful and flexible.

Product and application

Product Details

    • Can support 1200DPI high-definition online printing
    • Speed can support 100M / min
    • Let your product color simple way
  • Product Outside surface direct printing
  • Product packaging color printing
  • Color tag digital printing
  • Reliable label coating and solvent widely selected
  • Ink based on alcohol, ACETONE or MEK, as well as solvent-based paint and paint
  • Special coatings such as aqua paint, ultraviolet and fluorescent paint, water or solvent-based adhesive, lipid, heat-resistant coating and hot surface coating, high can be 1000 degrees Celsius
  • Each spray mark medium can obtain approved cleaners

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