Coding and tag system
For daily industrial tasks

Always a suitable coding and tag system

variable Print of data, integration with machines and systems, and smart networking of machines and processes are just part of the advanced coding and tag system.

Through its system improvements and Constantly enhanced, From the inkjet printer to the laser system, then to the spraying marking technology. LION TEC provides the correct mark system in the entire production chain - innovation and future, Protect your investment.

High resolution UV printer

Small characters, big effects

Small character inkjet printers based on continuous inkjet technology (CLJ) can print code, logo, and alphanumeric information in a very short period of time. It is ideal for smooth and non-absorbable surfaces, such as foil, plastic and metal.


piezo high resolution digital inkjet printer

High analysis,0 VOC

Printing quality online printing system, the online printing method of the ink water, advanced print quality.


Color print machine

Flexible printing and alternative screen printing

Online color printing system, suitable for printing of color identity. The online color identification is complete, and the flexibility is much higher than that of traditional printing, no pollution, and perfectly replaces the traditional silk screen.


Ink and consumables

Coping to develop ink development of various special applications

For a variety of different applications, environmentally friendly and high-quality inks are all guarantees, LION TEC is actively investing in the ink research and development, has been continuously developing nearly 100 ink models, continuously providing better ink for customers.



Deep utilization of logo and industry data

Lion TEC series products are fully connected, will receive massive identity applications and industry data, and LION TEC and customers will develop deep development and industry data deep development, complete the product's continuous optimization, and industry data value utilization.


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