Laser marking of plastics

Printing on PE foil

Task definition

  • PE-plastic hose color code, which is bundled with the hard hair of the toothbrush

Special product specifications

  • For intuitive identification of different bristles diameters, color coding of PE-plastic hose according to different bristles thicknesses
    10 colors per day
    According to the bristles, the color is encoded as red, green, blue, purple, brown, yellow or orange
    In order to achieve good visibility, the entire length of the hose (1200 mm / 3.9 feet) is marked with 3 dashed lines, and each other is 120 degrees.
    The hose passes three printheads at 12 m / min (39 feet / min).


Solution advantage

  • The pigment type printhead is used in series to make customers only need for 1-2 minutes to replace the color.
    Use 3 EDS tag systems to mark three locations of the plastic hose
    The ink drying time is short, less than 10 seconds.
    By using the REA tag system, the tag can be integrated into the production process, and no longer needs manual
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