"Volatile organic (hereinafter referred to as "VOCS") is an important precondition of ozone and PM2.5. Last year, the country has launched the comprehensive management of 100,000 companies. This year will prompt the implementation of the key industry emissions and product quality of VOCS, and accelerate the integrated control. "At the routine press conference held in the Ecological Environment, Liu Bingjiang, the Director of the Atmospheric Environment, once again" some name "VOCS, demands to increase governance。
Volatile organic compound
Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs
At 101.3 kPa standard pressure, any of the organic compounds below or equal to 250 c is low. [HJ 2542-2016, Definition 3.2] The general printer ink contains more volatile organic matter, so the VOC value is too high. in International GB 38057-2020 made specific specifications for the VOC indicators of the ink tips, requiring the CIJ inkjet VOC content <95%, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other developed provinces, the requirements are much higher than national standard, requiring the printer The VOC is <30%.
LION TEC, let the inkjet 0 VOC become a reality
Make Inkjet 0 VOC A Reality
Ultra low VOC, environmentally friendly storage
Low Voc & Environmental Protection and Easy Storage
inkjet solution, VOC content<5%
Lion Tec Inkjet Solution, VOC Content < 5%
LION TE),Professional 0 VOC inkjet marking plan provider, power company and supply chain practice green environmental protection enterprise responsibility。
LION TEC, a professional provider of 0 VOC inkjet marking solutions, helps enterprises and supply chains practice the corporate responsibility of green environmental protection.
GB 38507-2020 Limits of volatile organic compounds(VOCs) in printing ink
Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs)
Test Method:GB/T 34675-2017;Measured Equipment Oven
Test item(s) Result MDL Limit Unit
Volatile Organic
4.8 0.10 10 %
The 0 VOC inkjet solution of the blue sky is much lower than national standards, provincial launders and Apple, the public, and its supply chain requirements, with a large number of applications in the 3C and automotive industries.
We draw inspiration from the market and technology frontier, form unique thinking and positioning, and based on them to realize some of the ideas. Finally, we use almost paranoid harshness to ensure that these product results are very reliable.
= 0 VOC
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